Why invest in IoT products?

IoT is currently an ever-expanding technology, promising to step up its investments in the coming years.


At Human Bionics we incorporate IoT into the industrial and medical sector, creating products that perform processes efficiently without neglecting innovation, and that have also provided our customers with a solution


satisfactory to their needs, from disinfecting spaces and elements to improving gait in Parkinson's patients.


Know all the projects in our catalog that are looking for an investor like you.


Invest in IoT. Invest in Human Bionics.  

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Who are we?

We are a company specialized in the development of technological and innovative products, focused on the Internet of Things (IOT).


In Human Bionics we have a highly qualified team, with which we have managed to develop a wide variety of projects such as mobile applications, specialized devices for people who present 


neurodegenerative diseases and other types of products that meet very specific needs of our users.


We are based in Japan and the United States, developing our own technology using IoT, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. 


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Human Bionics está comprometido con el desarrollo de prototipos y en ésta pandemia está enfocado en lanzar productos conectados a Internet con la tecnología de la luz ultravioleta capaz de eliminar el virus del COVID-19 y todos los demás que existen, bacterias, hongos , esporas en segundos con el potente rayo de luz que sus productos emiten.