About Human Bionics

We are a company specialized in the development of innovative technological products, focused on the Internet of Things (IOT). In Human Bionics we have a highly qualified team, with which we have been able to develop a variety of projects such as mobile applications, specialized devices for people with neurodegenerative diseases and other types of products that meet very specific needs of our users.


Our performance and quality of work have led us to expand internationally, so we have offices in Japan and the United States, developing our own technology through artificial intelligence and augmented reality, thus reaching more opportunities to solve needs in the medical and technological field.

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Human Bionics

In the NEWS

Human Bionics supera barreras para financiar su innovación.

Este emprendimiento representará a Colombia este año en un certamen internacional de startup en Chile. Ya ganó el Gran Desafío de la Inversión.

Innovación "made in" Colombia.

Human Bionics se ha especializado en lo que Escalante define a Portafolio como “el internet de las cosas” o sea “productos a partir de software (apps) con hardware (prototipos)”.